Fish ‘n Trips Records is an Australian Psytrance record label formed in 2009 by Luke Burns aka S.E.T.H and Sinister Sequence. With a large focus on emerging acts,FNT records represents an multi-dimensional vehicle of opportunity. Fish ‘n Trips is going strong in 2011 after the release of Twisted Mysteries 1.5 .

The Various artist compilations featured 11 tracks from psytrance producers reaching right across the globe. The album came out in April via ektoplazm as a free download where it is currently enjoying nearly 10,000 happy homes. Mastering was provided by Felix Greenlees aka Terrafractyl while S.E.T.H handled compiling duties. A well received collection available at the best possible price. Go ahead and cue it up in your download manager now :)

Shortly behind Twisted Mysteries 1.5 we saw Satori’s second EP “The Luminiferous Aether” which followed up title his first, wittlily title “A Sharp Kick To The Third Eye”. Both contained four tracks of blisteringly fast aussie darkpsy and psycore.

Now as 2012 approaches Swiss artist BoomNasha delivers his first full length album “Normal Paranoia”. A unique and well received addition to the label. Pascal, the brains behind boom nasha brings his veteran experience to the project. Now as the artists begin to mount in support for a label recognized for 6 strong releases between 2010 and 2011. Bringing together artists and DJ’s which represent countries as diverse as Australia, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, India, Britain, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Germany and Japan.

Fish ‘n Trips Recordings represent the holistic culture of psychedelic parties, music production and friendship in a way allowing for growth and trance-formation within every individual involved. An active online network and digital delivery systems ensure the FNT catalog is available in a variety of formats in every region. Join us online, at home, on the “decks” and off the planet.

Our first release was the  2010 Debut “Twisted Mysteries 1.0 “ which consisted of mostly Australian artists. 10 Tracks ranging from deep twighlight through full on and psycore. The album was an enigma which represented a stunning new direction for any current Australian psytrance label. Hard and fast acts like Dislex6, psyzanca and mind oscillation juxtapose the more full on character of the label where artists like Mnemonic, S.E.T.H,  Atomgrinder and Boom Nasha all make nice waves in the 145 bpm range. FNT records isnt just a psytrannce outlet either. Spunje and Tron Sepia are both producing enlightening downtempo, ethno, chillstep which we hope feature as official releases soon.

Twisted Mysteries 1.0 was closely followed up by Atomgrinder’s full length album “The triumph of noise over music”. This was FNT’s first artist LP. The UK based “hard techpunk acid” sound is tuff, ballsy and worth hooking into. With tracks like Bus Wankers and Heroin for all, Atomgrinder and FNT were soon onto the very triumph that was otherwise known as music, dragging it kicking and screaming through Digital Audio Workstations on a global scale.