With so much incredible music in so many different styles being made we can all appreciate the need to be organized and have quick communication and data services in place to get things right, fast.

You can help us speed things along so if we are able to find a home for some of your music here at Fish ‘n Trips we will have almost everything we need to begin working with you to promote your music and get it out there. 

In  2013 FNT are specifically seeking artist EP releases of at least 3 (we prefer 4) tracks.  All psy styles and their subgenres are considered. We make strong considerations for artist album’s at all times.


Remember we use http://www.ektoplazm.com for FREE RELEASES and they have a specific policy which you must follow to enable your release.  

You can read the policies here as you will need to do all of these things yourself in the event your submission is  scheduled for release by Fish ‘n Trips Records - http://www.ektoplazm.com/distribution. The Same policies apply for retail releases.

  • Lossless/CD-quality audio files in 16-bit FLAC or WAV. No exceptions.
  • Proper mastering: decent sound quality and not too much compression. Procure the services of a professional sound engineer if neededSelf-mastered releases will only be accepted from veteran artists and trained professionals with very few exceptions.
  • Proper cover art: high resolution, presentable, and 100% original or adapted under the terms of a Creative Commons licence. If you modify an image you find on the Internet you need to ensure that you have the right to do so! Releases with infringing cover art will be denied.
  • An explicit Creative Commons licence so everyone understands sharing the release is legal and encouraged. View the terms of the standard BY-NC-SA licence here. Any “all rights reserved”, “public performance prohibited”, or similar copyright language on the cover art will cause your release to be denied!
  • At least three or more tracks and/or 15-20 minutes of unmixed music. We do not host single tracks or throwaways! We only distribute serious, substantial releases, the more substantial the better. Full artist albums are prioritized over compilations and singles. In 2013 we are distributing fewer short releases than before. Too many people are trying to pass off the absolute minimum required to meet these quality standards and it has been diluting the value of the ektoplazm platform.
  • Quality control: Tracks that seem to be slapped together won’t make the cut. Similarly, releases with inconsistent quality will be turned down. Bring us your best!
  • Legal content; no unauthorized remixes, bootlegs, mash-ups, or copyright-infringing sample usage, especially when the source is pop music from the major labels. You must own the rights to all the music you plan to share! Note: if you are a member of a collection society like SOCAN (in Canada), GEMA (in Germany), or other such organizations you do not actually have the right to distribute your own music here! We encourage all artists to cancel their membership with such organizations.

Please fill ou t the form below for a  swift response